Saturday, July 10, 2010

My reasons not to carry a cell phone

When they first came out, my father mislabelled them as 'cellophones'. I gave mine to my wife and refused to carry one for 9 years. I recently caved in and bought two for myself (I really need to write an Android program on the device). Before I become too assimilated and forget Why, here are my reasons for resisting thus far:

  • Avoid Group Think and brainwashing. Have you noticed that people's views are congealing into just two or three viewpoints? It is not coincidence. These electronic connecting devices are the neurons of our collective consciousness. But even so, this connectedness hammers away at your individuality. and makes you think more like the group you chatter away with - be it friends, employer or social group. It is far easier now to be brainwashed by the media. Going to Yahoo to check my email (to remain connected!), I can't help but stop by to read their often biased articles.
  • Cut the Electronic Leash. You can be reached at any time. Your freedom is gone.  When people call you on your cellphone, they have the expectation of being able to talk to you immediately and at any time of the day or night. Disappoint this expectation more than a few times, and you will irritate the relationship. for example, how long can you refuse to take the call or not immediately call back your spouse, employer, important client even when they call at uncivilized hours?
  • The Contract. Phones are so expensive, that you have to agree to a 2 year contract to get one. So you spend - at a minimum, $50 a month for two years. Now what happens if you lose your job? You pay a big penalty and return your phone. Furthermore, as long as you are in a contract, customer service treats you poorly.
  • Another valuable bauble not to lose. A $400 piece of jewelry that you cannot afford to lose; it sits on your mind - as if you did not have enough to worry about! "where is my phone, did I leave it at the gym... did I drop it while walking the dog...".
I can think of only one reason to carry one. When you are away from a landline - to reach a loved one, or call for help in an emergency.

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