Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Penalized for her religious views? A new low...

It is a given that free speech is protected in America. Unfortunately, in the Miss USA contest, Carrie Prejean was penalized for her answer opposing gay marriage, that marriage should be between a man and a woman. (news report here). As a result, she lost the crown.
Penalized for her religious beliefs? I am dumbfounded that this could happen in America. Another name for this is persecution.

Friday, April 17, 2009

For any Birthmother considering placing her baby for adoption

Thank you for having the courage to consider adoption. We are Rita and Anil, and would like to tell you about ourselves.

We have been married for twelve years now. We have no children and would love to have our lives filled with the joys and cares a child brings. We do have one cute child-loving dog, “Kacey”.

Anil is a quiet, sensitive person. Rita is an optimistic, sociable person. We are East Indian in origin but like a wide variety of foods, fashions and activities. We are American citizens now.

It is important for us to raise a child with lots of love, attention and prayer. We are committed to having Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives and our marriage. We look to God for guidance in big and small things. We have daily devotions. We believe in showing children love and affection and encouraging honesty, hard work, individual responsibility and academics.

Rita is in the dental field; Anil is a computer programmer. We live in a house in a neighborhood with lots of kids. We cook American, Indian and lots of other foods. We love to cook, garden, eat, watch movies, play games, train jiu-jitsu and visit new places. We are open to other cultures. English is our first language and we speak it at home.

Regarding Adoption: We are looking for a child under one year old, preferably a baby. We would like contact with the birth family, before and after the adoption – if the birth parents are okay with it. We would explain the adoption process to the child and speak about his/her birth parents in a positive way. We have undergone a background criminal check and a home study as part of our preparation to become foster/adoptive parents. We are licensed foster parents. Though we are not perfect people, we are honest and law abiding.

We are happy to provide you with any more information you require.


Rita and Anil

Note: As you can probably tell, we are seeking to adopt!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Life is not Just, only God is - but when...?

Life is not always Just. Human systems are just as Unjust. When we are small, we are fed stories of how it all works out in the end. How the crooked are punished and how the righteous are finally rewarded. This carrot and stick helps one to live in the fear of evil, and embrace the good. It helps small children grow up into a well-mannered society.
However if you put aside the fairy tales, you will find, like the writer of Ecclesiastes, that it fails as often as it works.
Nowhere does it say that Life, Society, the Earth, the Church, your family, the Law [add your choice here] are Just. Only God is Just. And even He, will execute final justice only in the Great White Throne judgment. But then here is a heretical thought - will it matter then?
So perhaps while on this earth, victims should pursue Healing rather than Justice - easier said than done.