Monday, April 13, 2009

Life is not Just, only God is - but when...?

Life is not always Just. Human systems are just as Unjust. When we are small, we are fed stories of how it all works out in the end. How the crooked are punished and how the righteous are finally rewarded. This carrot and stick helps one to live in the fear of evil, and embrace the good. It helps small children grow up into a well-mannered society.
However if you put aside the fairy tales, you will find, like the writer of Ecclesiastes, that it fails as often as it works.
Nowhere does it say that Life, Society, the Earth, the Church, your family, the Law [add your choice here] are Just. Only God is Just. And even He, will execute final justice only in the Great White Throne judgment. But then here is a heretical thought - will it matter then?
So perhaps while on this earth, victims should pursue Healing rather than Justice - easier said than done.

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