Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tired of Yahoo's brainwashing? Switch to i-Google

Anyone else tired of Yahoo's brainwashing?
My yahoo email has remained constant in the past 13 years even though we have moved physical address many times. However, their articles on the main page, which are the gateway to checking email, are plain propaganda. They are liberal, pro-gay, Democrat and conversely, are anti-Christian and anti-Republican.
Switch to i-Google. Keep your homepage to a more balanced news source like the BBC. You can install a plugin on the page to access your yahoo email.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The problem with the Willow Creek model for churches

The Willow creek model is essentially a business model. Attract people in, then get them to tithe and volunteer and attend classes. No one is allowed to speak in the services, but the staff.
Result: Lots of money from the old testament practice of tithing + free labor of volunteers + tight control of the microphone + keep members at the spiritual teenager level by keeping them busy in endless classes.
This is true of all the pastor directed churches I have seen in America.
As a result, we are not really different from the Roman Catholic Church, which we evangelicals despise as spiritually defective.