Monday, September 8, 2008

My question for Barack Obama

Dear Barack,
As an immigrant in Kansas, I would love to see a 'person of color' become president - to shake up the prejudice among the white folks in the Midwest especially, your native Kansas.
However, the biggest obstacle which prevents me from voting for you is: For three years you voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act while you were a state senator. It required that babies born from botched abortions be allowed to live. This act of yours stops me cold. You see, when it is a baby crying, it is no longer an abstruse scientific, theological or religious question as to "when does life begin?" or "when does an embryo have human rights?".
It is no longer nuanced in meaning as in the Rick Warren sponsored debate with McCain. There are no loopholes. Can you not recognize that it is a fully formed human baby that must be protected, fed and cuddled? I require a plain and simple answer from you, because as I ask this, I also see rising up, the ghosts of Hitler and others who had little value for human life.
Anil Philip