Saturday, August 27, 2011

Father and baby

When I interact with my baby, it is real to me how our relationship to God our father is;
  • we love to show him things that we do in our daily lives. Opening the fridge, pouring water, turning on the lights, brushing the dog, eating and drinking...
    • When God shows us hitherto unseen things in the Bible, through the Holy Spirit, it is the same dynamic happening.
  • once I placed him on his tummy on the couch and he  was shrieking in fear, anger, thrashing his arms and overwhelmed with fending for himself. It seemed silly to me because I was right there. I stroked his head and spoke to him encouragingly - but did not lift him out of his predicament. He should have clung to the comforting truth the I was there and he need not fear.
    • When we go through hardships and hard times, it is natural to feel alone and deserted by God. We shriek in pain and anger and thrash about and also soothe with pleasurable sins. If we stop and exercise faith and reach out to God, then we have real comfort.
  • we love how the baby delights to see us and longs for our presence and wants us to be with him all the time. This is how the believer should be with his or her heavenly father, delighting to be in God's precence and luxuriating in it. Of course, it is harder for us because we cannot see God but must sense him in our spirit and 'see' Him by faith.