Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new idea for Internet Evangelism (and help prevent a suicide)

Would you like to help prevent a suicide? (and help spread the gospel across the internet)

There is despair and desperation across the world as financial systems are collapsing. Daily in the news we read of individuals and even families committing suicide.

If you would like to help spread the gospel across the internet and help people find a reason for living, then do one of the following:

1) When you post in a newsgroup or mailing list or forum or even in an email, as part of your signature, add the following lines:

Are you planning to kill yourself? Stop! listen to this song
broadband version:
dial-up version:

2) Pick a Christian song, and inject a gospel message into it. Explain the lyrics using passages from the Bible. Look at the Toby Mac song clip I used above. I have another clip using a recording from a Muslim imam dying of AIDS miraculously healed by Jesus. Be sure you explain every bit of jargon you use. Concepts like repent, sin, sacrifice, crucify, eternal are alien to most unchurched people.

Why is this better?
Take most Christian songs - can anyone who was not steeped in Christianity listen to them and understand the message? I don't think so. There is so much jargon that only "insiders" would understand.
For example, take Toby Mac's "I was made to love". Most people will think it is about a boy singing of the girl he loves. Only an insider will understand it is about our relationship with Jesus.
I took the audio song clip and used a voice recorder to record the song as it was playing, then paused the player, spoke a bit explaining what was being said, play some more song, give a gospel message, and so on. For the youtube version, I have added captions.

How did I start this?
I did a precepts (Kay Arthur) study on the book of Acts (Holy Spirit) and it took me two years to complete as I was very slow. There were no personal opinions, only questions to answer and to write our observations in a notebook as the Holy Spirit taught - she got out of the way.
A few weeks later, in July 2008, a pastor Mike Hernandez, preached on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and laid hands on me after the service and prayed for me. I did not speak in tongues, but my study of Acts and an innovative idea to do internet evangelism using audio skypecasts was the basis for God to use me.

It was a powerful and innovative tool for internet evangelism since lots of people around the world, especially muslims from closed countries, flocked to Skypecasts as a community.

What were the results?
In 5 weeks, this resulted in 13 people around the world praying the prayer of salvation.

The skypecast feature was discontinued by Skype and two of the people turned hostile to Christianity (the devil took away the seed as in Luke 14:12), but I believe at least a few were saved. I am putting up those clips with captions added, on youtube.

Here is a list of those who prayed to receive Jesus (only first names to protect their privacy)

-----July week 3-----
Nikole, Bulgaria. 14 year old was abandoned and beaten by successive fathers and is looking for love from her boyfriend.
Thiago, Brazil. said he was in trouble and needed God's help.
Jefferson, Brazil. pray he will understand his salvation.
-----July week 4-----
Peder, Sweden. although he wept and prayed, has turned against Christ and said he is "controlled by Satan". He was in jail before. Pray that Satan's grip on his life will be broken.
Andre Abreu, Brazil. recommitted his life and he and his wife said his life was changed.
Aleksandra, Serbia.
Kitty, Ireland.
------Aug week 1-----
Elizeberth Hong, UK.
------Aug week 2-----
Ibrahim, Istanbul, Turkey. pray he will not turn away because of fear of persecution from Islam.
He is an architect and a muslim who spent 90 min. debating and trying to understand the gospel using a turkish-english dictionary to understand gospel jargon!
He was sincere and prayed the prayer of salvation.
------Aug week 3-----
Deepak, Chennai, India. Hindu. understood the gospel and prayed.
Aisha, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
------October week 1----
Kurt, Svante. Sweden.
I prayed with them for Kurt's marijuana addiction and Svante's alchohol addiction to be broken.
A few days later, Kurt turned hostile to the gospel. This has been puzzling to me - Swedish people will pray sincerely and then turn hostile - 180 degrees around!

Unfortunately, the results were not all good. I got kicked out of my former church because the senior pastor did not like some of the thoughts I shared with the leadership.
(in case you are curious regarding what I said: 1. the church should be Christ-centered, not pastor-centered.
2. submission to the Word should be above submission to leaders.
3. our church should be a new covenant church, not an old covenant church.
4. the church is a wheat field, not a banyan tree.)