Friday, May 20, 2016

King David was a flawed hero

Pastors especially love King David for several reasons. The only blemish according to them, is his adultery with Bathsheeba and murder of Uriah her husband. They leave out a small but significant passage: 1 Samuel 27

"And David and his men went up and raided the Geshurites, the Girzites, and the Amalekites. For those nations were the inhabitants of the land from of old, as you go to Shur, even as far as the land of Egypt. Whenever David attacked the land, he left neither man nor woman alive, but took away the sheep, the oxen, the donkeys, the camels, and the apparel, and returned and came to Achish."

When I read that he killed men, women and children just so that they would not tell his Philistine hosts what that he was raiding them, I lost all respect for him. I was angry and felt that King David was a murderous coward.

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