Saturday, November 17, 2012

Letting go of the dog to be euthanized.

Our dog Kacey, has kidney failure and we are faced with putting her down (euthanasia). Not an easy time. She has been with us 13 years of her 14.5 year life. Her legs are weak and she has to almost be carried to go do her potty. She has to be force fed through a tube. We used IV bags to give her subcutaneous fliuds. Yes, she is only a dog - yet, she has been a companion to us.
I used to get irritated at people spending so much money on their dog's treatment, because many people including children cannot hope for even a fraction of such care. Each morning we say, we'll take her to be euthanized; each morning she shows a little spark of strength that puts us off from doing it. By evening, she is weak as ever and suffering. The leaves were falling from the trees. Last weekend, I watched the flurries of dead leaves fall from the trees. Kacey was staggering around in the yard on bent legs. I thought to myself, "The leaves are falling; the dog is falling". Today, the leaves are all gone, and I am raking them into bags.

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