Saturday, December 25, 2010

Android Developers newsgroup post on Christmas

I was amazed to find this post yesterday on the Android Developer newsgroup, obviously from a sincere Hindu, completely ignorant about Jesus and Christmas. I hope he reads this explanatory link

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: saurabh sinha
Date: Dec 24, 9:50 pm
To: Android Developers


there is bitter truth behind christmas which I felt personally when
jesus was on earth nobody cared him
even he was punished by some bad people on cross sign including some
innocent people

but while dying he said to everyone I am dying for all of you and
today everyone missing him
its just a formality of doing and celebrating christmas

I mean to say when we have anything near we dont care but after
missing that same thing we start caring

well by the way this christmas inspiring to us we should care everyone
and never make any difference
it does not matter who is big or small matter should be good for others

but you know everyone celebrating no body think what are the main
reason behind this celebration

I thought deeply and paid homage to that great man who came on earth
and was good human being that is JESUS

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