Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Idea: progress bar for eBooks

Watching video or listening to audio, you have a progress bar or time line. Reading a book, you can hold the book sections in your hands to get a feel for your progress. Even a cassette tape player has a progress window. Unfortunately, with an eBook, there is no progress bar for a chapter.
Why not have a new widget - a progress bar for Wordprocessors? MSWord, Acrobat...
In the header, simply put a progress bar widget for the chapter. So if a chapter has 100 pages, each sheet has a progress bar ----->------------ Of course, the '>' represents your position in the chapter.
Or how about --------34---------100
If that is hard to generate, then simply write (say) "page 34 of 100"
Another way would be to have the scroll bar set to the size of the chapter (and not the entire book). 

Hmm... I dont find a 3rd party plugin here ( - perhaps I should write my own?

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